I am a graduate of Bastyr University and the Northwest School of Healing. I practice a wide variety of skills and techniques. I do routine physical exams and lab work, but also include a nutritional physical exam and may run functional medicine testing.

Naturopathic physicians are the bridges between the standard western medical world and the alternative medicine techniques. Our philosophies include; belief in the healing power of nature, treating the cause rather than the symptom, treating the whole person - body, mind, and spirit, use of the role of doctor as it was originally meant - teacher, and first-do-no harm.

The scope of practice in Washington State allows naturopaths to perform physical exams, order lab tests and other diagnostic studies, make diagnosis and we have a limited prescriptive authority (this includes natural hormones).

My goals for the patient include finding the underlying causes and contributing factors to a patient's symptoms. Then I educate the patient as to what I see are the problem areas and formulate a comprehensive plan, being careful not to overwhelm the patient. We work on changing lifestyle habits and optimizing function of their body. I feel it is very important for the patient to actively participate and take responsibility for their health. The goal is to avoid patient dependency on the doctor and encourage independence through knowledge.