America's Test Kitchen GF Cookbook-FINALLY

I have been a fan of ATK-America's Test Kitchen for years-if you follow the instructions to a T you can be certain the dish will turn out exquisite.

Ever since a lab test told me I would be better off gluten free, I have been waiting for ATK to take on GF-lot of mixes and recipes and products in the gluten free version are pretty disappointing.

So far I have made buckwheat tabbouli, dinner rolls, Hearty Flax seed bread and the pizza crust.

They have there own GF flour blend to make on your own but they also give instructions for adapting the recipe for a brand name GF flour blend.  Powdered psyllium husks and almond flour are examples of the ingredients they use in different applications.  I have been pleased with what I made so far-the dinner rolls were light and fluffy and tender. The Hearty Flax seed bread was a nice round shape with a decent crust and a, well, hearty chew and whole grain flavor.  The pizza crust, while it had an extra step of parbaking  turned out to have a great texture and crunchiness I haven't found in other GF version.  I am looking forward to making more-like the chicken pot pie and the pie crust and the oatberry pilaf.  Granted, ATK isn't all natural, whole foods type of cookbook. But most of what you would be making from wheat flour isn't what I would put in the healthiest of food categories anyway.  I also picked up two other GF cookbooks, one that uses oat flour, which I want to use more and has recipes for cream puffs and pretzels and the other that uses traditional bread making techniques, like making sour dough for the levening and slow rising in the refridgerator for 12 hours to 5 days. So it can take days to get one loaf of bread!  She uses ingredients I haven't tried before, Expandex, for one and I'm not sure it agrees with me-I need to give it another trial-but it was fun to have pumpernickel and looking forward to the 'No-Rye Rye bread.  I'll let you know.