Consuming LESS-This is not about dieting!

I take offense that my role as an American is to be the consumer to/of the world. Is it like a slug in the gut to you too when they talk about economic growth and housing starts without talking about the triple bottom line(earth, people, profit)?


I've been trying to get more involvement in being a producer in my life and reducing the things to purchase or purchasing things without the 'value added.' My pickles this year so far have been made with cukes, garlic and dill I grew myself! Part of me wants to collect seawater and extract the salt and part of me thinks that's a bit much.


Let's talk about showering and shampoo. Giving them up-well, the shampoo, not the shower. Admittedly, I thought the results would be grungy before I tried it. And I thought the folks blogging about it were a bit over the top, perhaps, very rural without running water or indoor toilets. They spoke of a transition your hair would go through.....-I didn't find that to be true.


However, this urban dweller has discontinued the use of shampoo and neither I nor my hairdresser can tell the difference. This allows for a quicker shower-you get straight to the rinse Saves time and water. I still find myself going through the hand motions of shampooing while the water is running through it. Hand help shower heads do seem to help speed things up and decrease water use too. Given the ongoing drought I'm predicting a new genre of reality TV-water wars, where the winner is the one who uses the least amount of water and is still in the socially acceptable hygiene range.


What's the longer term effects on my hair? Honestly, I can't tell a difference. So let's reconsider the shampoo myth. One less product to purchase, one less bottle to recycle, less stuff going down the drain. Saves time. Saves water. Does not cause you to become a social outcast or pariah. Your baby just needs a bit of a rinse not a complete lathering.


What can we do away with next? You're not using dryer sheets are you?


Kaiten Rivers, Naturopath, permaculturist, researching and recruiting to save the world.