C7 radiculopathy-Gone! with ABC

c7 neck pain

Dr Rivers: Nearly seven years ago I was diagnosed with a C7 Radiculopathy; an MRI indicated a bulged disc in my neck. My left arm ached continuously with no relief. I had little to no neck mobility and I was completely unable to look over either shoulder. I had significant, continuous pain in my neck and had to apply ice frequently just to function in everyday life. The neurologist prescribed traction and for about 2 years I received regular physical therapy treatments of traction, specific exercises, and massage. Over time, I would say the traction was reasonably successful. My left arm stopped aching; though it would frequently go numb, especially when I was sleeping. I had more range of motion in my neck but still had to turn my head very carefully to avoid pain. Finally, I lived with a dull, continuous ache in my neck – 24x7. Although I was not routinely using ice, I had to be careful to get enough sleep and let my neck rest or the pain would become more intense and my arm would go numb more frequently.

I had not been back to physical therapy in nearly four years but the dull neck ache was getting worse and my shoulders were continually knotted up. I decided to schedule an appointment in order to get a prescription for massage therapy to see if that would help. When I phoned to make the appointment, I was asked if I wanted to schedule a naturopathic appointment or an ABC (Advanced BioStructural Correction) appointment. I said naturopathic but hung up the phone wondering just what ABC treatments were. Looking online, began to research ABC and as I read about it I thought “maybe this will help me!”

 The results have been phenomenal. The dull neck ache is gone – all neck pain is gone – even when I don’t get enough sleep. My range of motion is what remember to be “normal” – as good as before I was diagnosed. I can turn my head and look over either shoulder, further than I have for years – all with no pain. And I’ve not been awakened in the night with my arm asleep since beginning treatments!

An added bonus is how great my feet are. For two years I have worn orthotics to reduce my bunion pain. But even with orthotics and expensive shoes I would wake up in the night with aching feet; sometimes from just the weight of the blankets. I couldn’t go barefoot even for an hour or two without my feet aching.

At my first visit you counseled me about my shoes and recommended I try not wearing my orthotics. I was very skeptical, but I took my orthotics and arch supports out to try it “for a while”. That was over a month ago. My bunions no longer ache. I’ve not been woken up with bunion / foot pain. I can go bare foot all day and my feet do not ache!

The ABC treatments have made a significant improvement to my health and general wellbeing. It is so awesome to be free of pain!

 Thank you for your compassionate care and striving for excellence. I look forward to seeing more improvements to my health. I give my full permission to use my statements as you see fit; I hope that sharing my ABC experience will encourage others to try it and realize the health benefits Advanced BioStrutural Correction will give them.