Q.What can I expect during the first visit?

A.Enough time is set aside to get a thorough history to get to know you. There is a physical exam and then we come up with a plan for care. This may include ordering lab tests or getting records. You can expect several aspects to be addressed.

Q.What if I am taking prescription medication?

A.That's fine. We can work on eliminating the need, find a natural alternative, or if you need or want to stay on the drug, I will use a more nutritional approach to avoid any herb/drug interaction.

Q.Does insurance pay for this? Do you accept cash clients?

A.I am happy to accept self paying clients. Many health insurance policies do cover ND care for office visits and naturopathic manipulation . Some services, lab tests and most products are out of pocket expenses. I accept Cash, VISA, MC, and Checks.

Q.What if I am not sure naturopathic medicine is right for me?

A.I offer free 10 minute consults. This is time for us to interact and see if we would be a good fit for working together. We can do this over the phone or in person at the office

Q.How strange will my life get under naturopathic care?

A.I'm a naturopathic physician, not a health nut. I don't sprout my food, compete in triathlons, or get up two hours before dawn for chanting and yoga, and don't expect my clients to do so either. Soy is not a panacea, surgery is not always a bad choice, not everyone thrives on a vegan diet. I try to be reality based with my recommendations. I understand that I am prescribing for lifestyles, personalities, and budgets, as much as I am for physical conditions. The goal is a balanced life with more fluid guidelines than rigid rules.

Q.Where did Dr. Rivers go to school?

A.I graduated from Bastyr University, now located in Kenmore, Washington.