Skin Care from South Africa to strengthen and normalize skin

Environ products are based on the theory that the skin, not the rest of the body, becomes Vitamin A deficient. Vitamin A deficiency in the skin can manifest as acne, atopy(eczema) discoloration and "photoaging."  The gradually increasing concentration of Vitamin A applied topically will penetrate into the DNA of the skin cells and will 'normalize' the new skin growth. Sensitive skin becomes less sensitive, acne clears up, discoloration minimizes, older skin gets plumper and wrinkles become less visible.

I do not have nice skin (or I didn't before Environ). My skin was coarse, with large pores, freckles, age spots, wrinkles and lots of scarring from acne.  By combining the Environ products with CIT-Collagen Induction Therapy- My skin looks the bests it ever has.

Environ only allows licensed practitioners to be "stockists" for their products. (there is one person on the internet claiming to sell Environ products. I have contacted Environ and they say they aren't selling to her and the adress she gives is a vacant lot.....). They sell different lines or 'ranges' as they call them-Beta-Active for acne, AVST as the 'regular' line, C-Quence for the over 40's crowd and the Evenescence range for discoloration.  I haven't tried everything but I'll tell you what I think about what I have tried.

C-Quence line- the vitamins with extra stuff for older skin.  Definitely has made improvements in my skin-crow's feet and lip lines much much less. Pores are less visible. Skin is plumper. Should be used with the C-Boost.

C-Boost-  the form of vitamin C that your skin absorbs-if your spending the money, might as well get the stuff that will work the best.

Colostrum Gel- if you use Environ regularly, the rough skin doesn't grow anymore and you won't need masks and exfoliants.  This has a little bit of alpha hydroxy acid with the colostrum, if you want an added boost to the skin rejuvination.  It's mild and doesn't cause irritation.

C-QuenceToner- I haven't used toner very much so I'm not sure how to evaluate this-wasn't drying or irritating.

Evanescence toner- this made a big difference. This is the line to deal with uneven skin tone.  After using this I have more of a 'peaches and cream' look-blotches are gone, freckles have faded and the decollotage area(one of those age give away spots) is very even in color.

Cleansing Milk- it's not oily, doesn't dry out my skin-it feels like nothing. I like it.

AVST Body Oil- this is the version of the vitamins for the body - I noticed that the hip and thigh areas were much smoother after a few months of using this two to three times a week.  They have Body profile that is supposed to target cellulite areas but I would start with this and then add on.  I have also noticed that over time the 'barnacles of aging' are fading and becoming smaller.  Hopefully it is helping to prevent new ones.

AVST line- I worked my way up to the highest level of the C-Quence line and then started to add in the AVST for extra vitamin A-with this approach I noticed significant improvement in the lip lines and the firmness of the jaw line.