February 13, 2012 Dr. Rivers:

I just wanted to tell you how the ABC (Advanced BioStructural Correction) treatments have helped me.  When I first came to you last year I was not able to walk very well. I think I told you I felt twisted.  We even laughed at me being a “twisted sister”.  Off and on I was using a cane and holding onto the walls.  I had left side leg weakness and limped.  I was also in a lot of pain from my lower back area.  I was told I have arthritis (x-rays), narrowing of the disc and bone spurs in the low back.  An added problem was about 17 years ago I had a fracture of the right ankle.  They put in a 6 inch plate and 10 screws so I had limited range of motion and pain in that ankle.  Two years later they removed the hardware.  I sought deep tissue massage therapy which did help with the scar tissue.

I was pretty much in constant pain and taking Ibuprofen on a daily basis. Combined with aging and my former injuries the ability to walk became critical about 1 ½ year ago and was getting worse day by day.

I have tried different treatment approaches including but not limited to; chiropractics, deep tissue massage therapy, Reiki, acupuncture etc.  These treatments gave me temporary relief at best.

Over the years, 63 to be exact, I have had numerous injuries starting with a car accident when I was 20 which resulted in a neck injury…low back sprains, a few more car accidents etc.

I came to your office for a series of colon cleanses and while talking with your staff member she explained the ABS treatments that you were doing and how much relief some patients were experiencing.  I was desperate so decided to try a series of 6 treatments.

Wow what a difference.  The first treatment I had, I did feel a little less “twisted”.   My whole body ached after the initial treatments.  I followed your advice and soaked in Epsom salts and continued to come to my appointments.  I just had a sense that things were shifting.  I got rid of all the shoes with high arch supports; started bringing in my shoes & you would test them.  Before long I could feel the difference in my back & feet as long as I was wearing the proper shoes.  After the 6th treatment, I made 6 more appointments coming to see you each week.  I have to say that initially, I was skeptical but I figured I had tried lots of different therapies and I might as well try ABC.  Gradually I didn’t have such a dramatic reaction to the treatments meaning I didn’t go home and hurt for days.  What I did notice is that I didn’t have to use my cane, I didn’t have constant pain and my left leg seemed stronger.  Because I eventually moved to the Grayland, WA area I felt a once a month appointment would be sufficient.  And sure enough I am out working in my yard, doing some walking (without a cane) and definitely no longer feel twisted.  The amazing thing is that after each treatment I can feel the shifting and the movements in my joints are getting more fluid.  After my last treatment in January 2012, my feet hurt and it was hard to walk.  That lasted about 4 days and now they feel great.  It’s that shifting thing.

I want you to know, Dr. Rivers that I tell everyone that will listen what the ABC treatments have done for this body and for me emotionally.  The sadness, discouragement, helpless feelings have improved dramatically.  I thought I would finish out my life in constant pain, not walking or enjoying this life but with the ABC treatments I feel I have a new lease on life…Thank you for continuing to use the ABC treatment that will give permanent relief instead of just temporary.

I give permission to Dr. Kaiten Rivers to use my statements in whatever way she deems useful.

Leslee Lindstrom

Leslee taught me something. Leslee is big and when we first met she waddled.  I just assumed she waddled because she was big.  However, after just a few ABC treatments she was walking not waddling.  Fix the structure and the mechanics improve-no matter how big or what the age is.   Kaiten Rivers


Dr Rivers:

Nearly seven years ago I was diagnosed with a C7 Radiculopathy; an MRI indicated a bulged disc in my neck. My left arm ached continuously with no relief. I had little to no neck mobility and I was completely unable to look over either shoulder. I had significant, continuous pain in my neck and had to apply ice frequently just to function in everyday life. The neurologist prescribed traction and for about 2 years I received regular physical therapy treatments of traction, specific exercises, and massage. Over time, I would say the traction was reasonably successful. My left arm stopped aching; though it would frequently go numb, especially when I was sleeping. I had more range of motion in my neck but still had to turn my head very carefully to avoid pain. Finally, I lived with a dull, continuous ache in my neck – 24x7. Although I was not routinely using ice, I had to be careful to get enough sleep and let my neck rest or the pain would become more intense and my arm would go numb more frequently.


I had not been back to physical therapy in nearly four years but the dull neck ache was getting worse and my shoulders were continually knotted up. I decided to schedule an appointment in order to get a prescription for massage therapy to see if that would help. When I phoned to make the appointment, I was asked if I wanted to schedule a naturopathic appointment or an ABC (Advanced BioStructural Correction) appointment. I said naturopathic but hung up the phone wondering just what ABC treatments were. Looking online, began to research ABC and as I read about it I thought “maybe this will help me!”


The results have been phenomenal. The dull neck ache is gone – all neck pain is gone – even when I don’t get enough sleep. My range of motion is what remember to be “normal” – as good as before I was diagnosed. I can turn my head and look over either shoulder, further than I have for years – all with no pain. And I’ve not been awakened in the night with my arm asleep since beginning treatments!


An added bonus is how great my feet are. For two years I have worn orthotics to reduce my bunion pain. But even with orthotics and expensive shoes I would wake up in the night with aching feet; sometimes from just the weight of the blankets. I couldn’t go barefoot even for an hour or two without my feet aching.


At my first visit you counseled me about my shoes and recommended I try not wearing my orthotics. I was very skeptical, but I took my orthotics and arch supports out to try it “for a while”. That was over a month ago. My bunions no longer ache. I’ve not been woken up with bunion / foot pain. I can go bare foot all day and my feet do not ache!


The ABC treatments have made a significant improvement to my health and general wellbeing. It is so awesome to be free of pain!


Thank you for your compassionate care and striving for excellence. I look forward to seeing more improvements to my health. I give my full permission to use my statements as you see fit; I hope that sharing my ABC experience will encourage others to try it and realize the health benefits Advanced BioStrutural Correction will give them.

P. Murray

Doc's comments-Here is where experiencing ABC helps you discover what good results on treatment really are.  Before starting ABC as a client I had one of those constantly achy places that got better and worse but never went away completely. My shoulder had never felt the same after pressure washing a house a dozen years before.  After my fourth ABC, I could tell something in the shoulder ache was different-not just a little better. That's when I realized there was something to this ABC stuff.  Couldn't tell you exactly when, but not long after that the shoulder ache resolved.  And the list of things that keep getting better keeps growing.


This is an excerpt from a client to her former chiropractor after starting ABC

My neck hurt from the day I was born and chiropractic gave my first relief from the pain. It was like a miracle. Dr. _____ actually had to tell me to quit coming so often and see how long I could go between treatments! Adjustments never solved the problem but over 30 years later, I was committed to more or less monthly visits just to keep the pain at bay. Totally worth it.

I was skeptical but open-minded upon learning about ABC. Information and testimonials are often so much blah-blah-blah. But experiencing is believing and we are now believers. After one treatment, I could feel my spine start moving into alignment and the strain on the muscles from my neck through my shoulders was gone. Larry’s life was pretty much ruined due to knee pain, but one treatment lessened it enough that he could walk freely without orthotics or Celebrex.

Healing is not linear. Of course there are ups and downs, but a general upward trend is putting our bodies into the type of posture and alignment that years’ worth of physical therapy, orthotics etc. could not. We love both of you, but from here on out, it’s ABC.